DJ CRUZ – The Rising Star of the DJ World

There is nothing quite as amazing as talent and passion! And when those two attributes meet, sparkles come flying! This is the case of Vincent Dubinsky, a.k.a. DJ CRUZ, one of the most amazing artists that ever visited Fratelli!

CRUZ is now 23 years old, and his career so far has been outstanding! He felt his calling for music at the age of 15, and never looked back since! He was raised in Switzerland and has worked his way up Zürich’s Nightclub circuit, rocking the crowds at the hottest and most outstanding Parties. Today this rising star has his own party label “Unashamed Luxury” and is the resident of Zurich’s most famos Club – The Kaufleuten!

His passion for music was crowned in 2012, as CRUZ received the title “Best Open Format DJ”, and we have a feeling that this is just the first of an amazing prize series! There is pure passion and energy in what he does and you can feel his positive vibe every time he spins on stage!

Check out below the interview he did for Fratelli’s blog and a special mix dedicated to us!
Deejay Cruz – The Unashamed Radio Show

What are a few things that could define you in one phrase?

I’m a 23 year old DJ / Producer from Zurich Switzerland! Music is my passion and as soon as I touched my first Turntables, I knew that DJing is what I want to do!

When did you started as a DJ? What made you choose this as a career ?

I began at the age of 15 after I saw a DJ scratch at a Skateboard contest. I wouldn’t say I exactly chose this career, I just followed my passion, and it seemed to have chosen me.

What is your most amazing experience / peak of your career as a DJ?

There have been so many incredible moments so far, so its hard to pick just one. But the latest one was last week when I played for Kanye West.

What do you like to do in your free time? Hobbies?

In my spare time I love hanging out with my friends, that’s important for me. I also like doing sports and some training.

Witch are your favorite top 5 tracks or first five good songs you think about?

– Gang Starr – Full Clip (was the first vinyl record I bought!)

– Kc Da Rookie – Stop the Press (I’ve listened to those scratches at least 100 times when I was younger)

– Bro Safari – The Drop (currently the record I love playing most in my sets)

– Jay Z – PSA (that beat!)

– Frank Sinatra – New York (I sometimes finish my Sets with that song)

With whom did you worked in the past and with whom do you wanna work? ( artists)

‘Storm’ is one of my tracks I produced together with my good friend Cedriz Zeyenne from Zürich. Well hey, sure I would dream to work with  artists like Coldplay, Adele or Tinie Tempah, but I also feel attracted to some much lesser known talents I’ve found on Youtube.

What are some of the best venues / clubs / parties that you played at?

I’ve had several awesome parties. DJing at Gotha at the Energy Music Awards was cool, I did the wedding after party from Italian Soccer Goalie Buffon which was amazing, VIP Room in St Tropez was fun. My first Gig in London was very memorable. My Party Label ‘Unashamed Luxury’ nights at Club Kaufleuten in Zurich are always insane! Now I’m looking forward to play my first Gig at Fratelli Mamaia!

What is the motto that guides you in your work?

Gratefulness. I’m very happy to be able to experience all these crazy parties, trips, gigs, get to know great people and do what I love. Hard work pays off and I give my best every day – that’s all I can do!

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