Cut Killer – Real music history

Anouar Hajoui, better known as DJ Cut Killer, is a French artist with Moroccan origins, one of the biggest names on the hip-hop stage, an icon in music history and one of the most successful artists that ever visited Fratelli.

He started working in the mid ’90s, adapting and consolidating New York’s East Coast hip-hop in France through many of his mix tapes. His dynamic mixes and his flair to find local rappers made his tapes known worldwide. He decided to establish his own label, Double H (for Hip-Hop) as a merchandising company and then a production label. In a few years, HH became one of the most influential independent labels on the market.

Cut Killer’s name was featured at the most important shows and venues in Europe and his fame quickly took him over the Atlantic Ocean, where he became the first French DJ booked in the USA through Funkmaster Flex’s DJ Big Dawg and 50cent’s Shadyville DJs.

Fond of the cinema, Killer created music for the movie La Haine, where he played songs from Edith Piaf on KRS-One’s beat. Many offers followed and he signed several tracks for movie soundtracks like Zak Fishman’s “Gamer”, Fred Garson’s “The Dancer”, and Miguel Courtois “Un Ange”.

In the middle of the decade, Killer returned to the fundamentals of deejaying on radio, and after four years on Radio Nova, he joins Skyrock, where he has a weekly show presenting the best of global hip-hop evolution.

Killer has great versatility mixing the urban style, with rock, pop, reggae, in renowned venues in Asia, Europe, USA, Australia bringing down barriers the barriers of language and geography. On his close friends and colleagues list he can add names like P.Diddy, DJ Abdel (his colleague and co-founder from Double HH), MC Solar, Cocoa Brovaz or DJ Cash Money.

Here is Cut Killer’s interview for Fratelli’s blog!

What are a few things that could define you in one phrase?

I am a French DJ in love with music. My eclectic skills allow me to amaze audiences and inspire different feelings.

When did you started as a DJ? What made you choose this as a career?

I started in the late ’80s. I liked DJs who were able to choose songs and please the crowds. I started learning tricks about this job by standing behind the booth of some DJs in New York. The real thing that makes me love this art is hip-hop! I believed, and still believe now, that a real DJ is someone who can play some music and have the ability to mix on the turntable appropriate songs.

What is your most amazing experience / peak of your career as a DJ?

There are some moments in my career that I will definitely never forget in my life! One of them would be mixing behind McSolarr in a festival for 80.000 people! I worked with P.Diddy as a DJ, especially in Barcelona for the MTV European Music Awards in 2002! Also, unforgettable is mixing all around the world in all the capitals, and creating the soundtrack of one of the mythic movies called “La Haine”. It was amazing to see how this scene inspired people and DJs!

What do you like to do in your free time? Hobbies?

I really love the cinema and watching movies, also snorkelling and surfing on a snowboard! I spend most of time with my daughter and I love visiting all the great historic sites in the world to understand human kind and is story.

Witch are your favorite top 5 tracks or first five good songs you think about?

Run DMC – Peter Piper
James Brown – Funky Drummer
U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
The Whispers – And the beat Goes on
Eric B & Rakim – Paid in full

With whom did you worked in the past and with whom would you like to collaborate in the future?

I worked with P. Diddy in some productions, also Horace Brown, Afonzo Hunter, Cocoa Brovaz, Jeru the Damaja or DJ Cash Money. In the future I would like to work with Busta Rhymes!

What are the best venues / clubs / parties that you played at?

Whoa !!! Thare are so many:
La Via Notte in Corsica, China White in London, VIP ROOM and Palais M in Paris, Fratteli Bucarest, 40/40 in New York, Pacha in Porto (Portugal)

What is the motto that guides you in your work?

The satisfaction to entertain the audience and enjoy myself in the same time !!


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