Life in Iasi

Ancient by history and fresh in appearance, elegant and bohemian, old and new, academic and artistic, quiet and troubled at the same time, Iasi is the muse for many artists and writers, the city of lovers for hundreds of generations of students, the place where time settles friends for life.

Iasi has been the main center of Moldavian culture since 1408. The city prides itself with publishing the first Romanian newspaper and establishing the first Romanian university, nowadays being the second largest university center in the country. Iasi is the forth city in Romania in terms of population.

Over the past 500 years, history, culture and religious life have molded the city’s unique character. Also known as the “city of great love stories”, “city of new beginnings” and “an open air museum”, Iasi is recognized since the 19th century as being the center of the national spirit. Every corner of Iasi evokes a personality, an unique event, a legend, a myth, and if stones could talk, they could tell you about the major events in the political and cultural history of Moldavia.
Residents of this city like to say as often as possible that “Iasi never sleeps”, and this saying is reinforced by all those who visit this place.

Tourism in the city takes place around its heritage of archaeological sites, memorial houses, museums and historical and architectural monuments. Moreover, the folkloric and ethnographic heritage, the nature protection areas, and natural mineral waters as well as the vineyards in the surrounding countryside remain to be discovered.
Iasi splendor unfolds in history and today under the “eyes” of the great Palace of Culture, an unique construction which is an effigy of the city of Iasi, and testifies all the changes in history and is and that is an attraction both for people lives here and for foreigners who come to visit Iasi.

Copou Park and wonderful attractions like the Botanical Garden, Unirii Square full of history and lovers, the Art Galleries, The National Opera and the National Theatre, delighting a successful day in here full of memories. Also, by day you can spend many hours in Palas Iasi. This is a new multi-functional building project that opened in May 2012. It houses 3 residential buildings, 3 office buildings, 1 retail mall, a shopping street, underground parking, public garden (with a small lake and amphitheater) and an IMAX cinema. It is located right behind the “Palace of Culture”, so it’s hard to miss.

Iasi is famous for its nightlife. If you go towards the University you will find a lot of students wondering around or having great time outside. There are a lot of bars, clubs, coffee shops and pubs where you can chill, have a drink, dance or watch a game. Most popular discos and clubs are full until morning during University periods.
So…If Iasi never sleeps, let’s party!

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