Biutiful New Year in Fratelli Lounge & Club!

Biutiful New Year in Fratelli Lounge & Club!

Life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself. And each new year is the beginning of a new chapter.
It’s up to you to write it well, you know what they say: what the new year brings you, depends a lot on what you bring to the new year!

So, on December 31st, at the crossing of times, let’s enjoy a splendid New Year’s Eve party, it’a all gonna be just biutiful, like yourselves!
Shows, artists, performers, DJs and a dash of colours and biutiful vibes.

Biutiful New Year’s Eve will be hosted in Fratelli Lounge & Club, 1-3 Glodeni.
All night long selection of drinks & fantastic food
Price per person: Lei 650
Access by ticket only

Reservations: | 0727.929.583 and payments at Fratelli, 1-3 Glodeni Str., Bucharest, starting November 20th.

Biutiful team

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Biutiful New Year in Fratelli Lounge & Club!
Date Sunday, 31 Dec 2017
1-3 GLODENI Street Sector 2 Bucharest ROMANIA
Opening hour
004 0722 115 115

Monday-Friday: 10:00-20:00
Saturday-Sunday: 14:00-20:00