Jack Daniel celebrated 161 years in Fratelli

Jack Daniel celebrated 161 years in Fratelli

In September 2011 we celebrated Mr. Jack’s 161st anniversary!

We don’t know the exact date of Mr. Daniel’s birthday, we only know it is in September, so every year we party for a whole month.

This year our time machine got broken and took us all the way back to the ’90s.

And because Jack’s parties are the best, all of the legends of the “golden era” were invited.

Snap, Technotronic, Coolio, C&C Music Factory, Joey B Eliss and Haddaway shined on the stage in a live show like Fratelli has never seen before!

Year after year Jack Daniel’s has improved the quality of his parties by inviting all the great names of the music industry and promoting live events! We are proud to be a part of these magic moments!

We can’t wait for another great one next year!
It really was “a f…ing amazing event!!!” (Quote from Coolio) 🙂

Details and media coverage:

So here’s to Mr. Jack and to “turning nights into stories”!

Thank you Jack Daniel!

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Jack Daniel celebrated 161 years in Fratelli
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