Biutiful moves to Fratelli!

Biutiful moves to Fratelli!

Here’s the latest news: Biutiful downtown moves uptown!

A new beginning, a new home, a new concept and a great new proposal for going out, a cross-experience of culinary delights, cocktails, pub look and feel turning clubbing around midnight!

Starting this Friday, 27th of November, Biutiful moves to Fratelli, Glodeni 1-3!

Familiar, yet so mysterious, our Biutiful stories are an endless journey of night life discovering and exploring. It’s a all-in-one adventure. Who knows what stories you’re about to create and share?

Friday nights will now begin at 7 pm with Biutiful food and cocktails, chats with friends and lounge music. But when the clock strikes midnight, everything tuns into a party!
We all know a party gets better on a full stomach. You know the menu, you know the drinks, you know the people, we just brought them in one place.

Make sure to check-in and experiment this new nightlife going-out experience, every Friday.

See you in Glodeni 1-3.

For reservations, you may use either: || 0737.297.297 || 0722.115.115

Cheers to a new beginning,
Biutiful & Fratelli