Portobello Stradale – The Real Fake

Portobello Stradale – The Real Fake

Born in June 2010, Portobello Stradale has become Bucharest’s chic street event, a benchmark of urban lifestyle.

Portobello Stradale is a manifest to bring back to life street art and street happenings, encouraging people to leverage pedestrian areas and the vividness of such areas with urban cool manifestations.

Street fascination and urban murmur are the “city vibes”, unique feelings, imprinting each city, especially big capitals. Bucharest is an eclectic city among world’s capitals with an incredible emblematic trademark architectural diversity and an amazing potential of street art and vividness.

Portobello Stradale’s previous editions gathered each close to 1,000 participants, among which trend setters and public figures, well known names in fashion, architecture, media, photography, theatre, cinema, tv, food, music and much more.

The upcoming edition is due May 19th, starting 7 pm, 1-3 C.Esarcu St. and Bucharest will show its full magic!
ADMISSION BY BRACELET ONLY – available at Fratellini Bistro and Biutiful by TheLake.